Monday, December 14, 2009

Scribblings : Orgasm ( I )

That moment
I whispered
You had orgasm ?
You said,
Ya, mentally
(Not practically)...

How correct you are
For a woman
It has to be
Her sexuality is not local
Her sexuality is total
Her whole body has sexual quality
Her soul is a part of
Sexual dance
The divine dance of ecstasy
Not a gymnastic of lust
So unless
She can go into a divine dance
While making love
She will not be able to
Have orgasm...

Deep down
Man is afraid of SEX
He is far weaker than the woman
The woman is capable of
Having multiple orgasm
Man is not
Man's sexuality is local
This is genital
Man can have only one orgasm
With one orgasm
He is finished
And the woman is still
On the way
May not even have started
So you are true
My dear......
You shared
Your feel
Not knowing that
This is the
Very base of tantra
That orgasm is mental
The orgasm is total
The orgasm is divine...........

But sorry, you have a
Wrong conditioning,
Let me tell you
Drop the word "practical'
As this is a
Small friction of 'mental'
Mental is another name of
The truth of our being......

Talking of 'practical' is a
Man game
An illusion fabricated by man
A conspiracy of repression
Hatched by man.....

Just dance !
Dance with whole divinity
Dance with your all faculties
And feel
And feel
This is just for YOU
Your nectar is
Just for you.......

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