Sunday, December 6, 2009

Scribbling : Silence

Scribbling : Silence

When we don't speak
We may be in words
Even when we speak
We may be in silence..

When happens
The Silence
Speaking don't disturb it
When the speech disturb
The silence is
Silence is never afraid of

Silence is not the
Absence of words
It's a lively presence of
Awareness and

The silence can
Speak to you
Sing to you
Caress you
Embrace you..
It's tremendous energy
It's a divine happening
It's not vacuum
It's fulfillment
Of the inner
And the outer as well
By its
Lively and
Joyous presence.....

Let's learn to
The Sound of Silence
Not throug ears,
By the entire body
By the soul
By the wholesome being
With gratitude to
The Existence..........

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