Sunday, November 1, 2009


Intellect is a memory system
For collecting information......

Intellect goes through
Ready-made answers
The answers provided by
Others-parents, teachers,leaders
Rule books
Even intellectuals use them to
Justify their misdeeds
They are parrots
They are mechanical beings
They are HMV (His Master's Voice) records
The I.Q. test is really a
M.Q test : Memory Quotient test
Not a Intelligence Quotient Test.

Intelligence is spontaneity
Intelligence is ability to respond
Intelligence is awareness
Intelligence is love
Intelligence is joy
Intelligence bring freedom
Freedom from conditioning
Freedom from rule books
Freedom from stupidity.......

Unintelligent person behaves
According to readymade answers
According to rule books-scriptures
Which he carries on his back
He is afraid of depending on himself
Unintelligent person disrespects himself
And poses to respects others
He lives in conflicts of mind and confusions

Intelligent person depends on
His own insight
He trusts is
Own being
He loves himself
He respects himself
AND he loves and respect others.......

Even surrender is achieved
Through intelligence
Surrender is to see
You are not separate from existence
Surrender is surrendering to oneself
Only idiots cannot surrender
As they have inflated EGOs
As they live on intellect
NOT on intelligence
And therefore they are never in peace

Just live totally
Live intelligently
Live in harmony
Live in awareness
AND everything follows

(Yah gyan churaya hua hai.....jaise madhumakhkhi phoolon se shahad churati hai.....bas aapse yah madhu share kar raha hun aur khushi pa raha hun.)

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