Monday, November 2, 2009



When the master told
Don't take
Lonliness and Aloneness
As synonymous,
As usual I discarded
The essence......
Began looking for
Holes in his saying
Confused I was
No answers to
My biased curiosity
More I think
More my brain is burdened
I went back to him
He smiled
He spoke :
Visualize two situations
Positive and Negative
Meditate on them
You may get answer
This is your question
This needs your answer
Your answer only
To satisfy your inner.........

Lonliness is negative
I am missing something
Aloneness is positive
I have found something........

When two lonlinesses meet
In the begining
In the honeymoon days
Both are dreamers
Dreamers remain excited
Excitement disappears
Emerges again the reality
That both were lonely
That both are lonely.........

When two lonlinesses meet
There cannot be any joy
They are not two
They are multiples
Even one lonliness is enough
To create hell
And when two meet
There are multiple hells.........

The lonlinesses
Become mirror to each other
There are reflections of
Miseries, wounds, frustrations
Boredoms of each other
How can this blossom in a
Beautiful loving relationship ?

When meets two meditators
There is friendliness
There is love
There is compassion
As both have tasted
The nectar of
Positive aloneness
Both are capable of enjoying
Their aloneness
The other is not needed
Now they relate
As they have to share
They have so much to share
This is not out of greed
This not out of need
This is out of abundance
This is out of overflowing joy.........

(Yah gyan bhi churaya hua hai.....jaise madhumakhkhi phoolon se shahad churati hai.....bas aapse yah madhu share kar raha hun aur khushi pa raha hun.)

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