Friday, November 25, 2011

Sharing Tao

The obvious is secret !

The secret is obvious !

It is the ordinary that is extra ordinary !

How ordinary the man and woman should search out each other
And take within each other as first partner and mate !

How ordinary that knowing one's self is the way to knowing another !

How ordinary that wonder grows with familiarity,
that mystery enlarges with understanding,
that gaining increases with losing !

How ordinary that man and woman, made certain and uncertain
by their togetherness, are unmade and remade, lost and new-found !

To understand the ordinary, thinking is useless !

Choice and No choice, doing and not doing, why and why-not struggle to a bewildering stalemate ! But no anarchy ! Spontaneity is natural...anarchy is unnatural ! An ordinary mind would always do the things automatically that does not afflict others...that does not afflict self ! Mahavir does not hurt the ant by making a choice, by a wishful decision....but he felt that the ant and he are same...and how a person can kill Mahavir does not kill the ant.....Mahvir does not hurt the ant.

It is obvious that is the secret !

The extraordinary is hidden in the ordinary.

(I am just a presenter)

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