Friday, July 10, 2009

That Moment (III)

Kuchh vastvik/kalpanik kshanon ko aapse banta hai peechhli do angrezi kavitaon men....'That Moment' aur 'Then What Was This'.......kuchh padh raha tha fir kavitaon ke kram men yathest roop se samanjasya sa prateet ho raha tha...socha kyon na ise aek kavita ke roop men bant liya jay aap se. Iska unvan de raha hun...."That Moment III' pahli do ko aap 'That Moment I & II' man lijiye......

Yah poem jo main post kar raha hun, kaha ja sakta hai observation aaur anubhav mere/hamare hain shabd 'god' liye hain.......

Aaam khaane se matlab, ped gin-ne se kya, mujhe bhi anand aaya padh kar soch kar, aap bhi mera sath dijiye.

Sabhi ko Salam !



We both were keeping up
The ceaseless reasoning
And counter reasoning
Tormenting our inner selves.
Only the GOD
‘Mera Ishwar’
‘Uska Khuda’
Would have been of help in
That moment……
We held hands
Her hand would tighten
Its grip on mine
Only to loosen it
Almost simultaneously
That moment……….

I stole clandestine glance
At her in perplexity
Expecting a hug
In the moment
Of her assent
A contemptuous rebuke too….
That moment was unfathomable
She was neither happy
Nor sad
That moment and
Her visage betrayed
Neither joy nor outrage.
She looked oblivious to
The outpouring of
My feelings
That moment………

Was she ignoring my utterances
Taking them an overflow from
Imbecile mind-----
Or she was numbed
By the immensity of
That moment ……

I sensed discretion to be
The better part of chivalry
That moment
I derw back my hand
She too slipped her hand
Instinctively tightened
The hold
She looked into my eyes
Gave my hand a squeeze
And released it
That moment……….

How pleasant
And blissful--- was
That moment ………

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