Friday, July 10, 2009

Then What This Was......

(There is nothing great in this write......the usual stuff as all the poems of this type happen.......but felt like sharing those old moments with you all. The second part of this poem-----in next post)

After vacation with her parents
At Munnar
She came on the third day
Of college reopen
I felt the entire surrounding lively
The grass of the lawn was greener
The flowers at garden were smiling
The trees had become more compassionate
The color of building was with more sheen
The interiors were more soothing
Everybody walking seemed more energetic
The whole environment was
Bursting with joy and thrill
And I was finding myself all new
Full of enthusiasm and zeal
She met me and said
“Good Morning !”
Rather I was who met her
As I was eagerly looking for her
Since the first day of reopen
My eyes searching for her everywhere
I responded her words with a smile
And “morning”
Keeping all adjectives inside me
As the morning was not just ‘good’
It was to preced by
Millions of prefixes to describe;
Again a smile and pain….
Spoke I :
“I am tormented by your absence.”
If that was not love then
"What was this ?"

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